Pet Friendly Houseplants

If you are anything like us, you have plants and pets and just want everyone to get along!

Finding a houseplant that is pet friendly can seem like a difficult task that will leave you with boring plants, but this is definitely not the case! We have done the research and have found some unique and beautiful species that are pet friendly and fun to collect.


With over 1500 species, you could fill your house with these wonderful easy going plants and never have a duplicate! A couple of our favorites that we are currently growing are:

Peperomia caperata 'Pink Lady'
Peperomia glabella


We are currently growing over 30 species of Hoya at Wild Raven Farm! There are estimated to be around 200-300 species, but that number seems to keep growing. You can grow these trailing, climbing a trellis, or even mounted on cork and hanging on your wall!

Some of our favorites that show the variation possible in hoya include:

Hoya Polyneura (fishtail hoya) Hoya Potsii Hoya carnosa 'krimson princess'


It's no wonder that we are loving dischidias - they are in the same family as hoya!

Although there aren't nearly as many species as hoya, these lovely plants are very similar in care and have no lack of personality! One of our favorites that we are growing is:

Dischidia ovata (watermelon)

Maranta and Calathea

There are many striking varieties of maranta and calathea, making them great houseplants for visual interest - plus they don't need a ton of light! Just make sure they have decent humidity.

Calathea lancifolia (rattlesnake)
Calathea orbifolia

Some other great choices according to the ASPCA include

- Spider Plant

- Boston Fern

- Christmas Cactus

- Echeveria (succulent)

- Phalaenopsis Orchid

- Donkey Tail (succulent)

We hope this helps you find a new houseplant to benefit both you and your pets!

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