We typically ship via US Priority Mail, as we find this is the fastest and safest way to get your products delivered.

For larger pieces, we will sometimes ship UPS, but will note that in the product listing.

We cannot ship plants to the following states due to very strict regulations.

We hope to be able to in the future, and will update our site and listings when we can.

If you live in any of these states, we have many listings that do not include plants, and are happy to create custom listings if you see something you would like!

States with restrictions: CA, HI, AK, FL

Shipping Prices:

These all differ by size of box and weight of item.  Please refer to the individual product listing for details.


Q: How long will my order take to ship?

A: For in stock products, we try to ship out within 1-3 days, with plants typically shipping on Monday or Tuesday.  For made to order pieces, please refer to the product listing.  These typically take a week, but could be longer depending on the finish.

Q: Do you offer rush shipping on goods?

A: We offer both Priority Mail and Express Mail.  If you have an urgent need for something overnight, just contact us and we will let you know if we can ship it out faster via UPS, etc.  There would be an upcharge for this shipping service based on the current UPS rates.

Q: Can you make me something truly custom that I do not see on your website?

A: Absolutely! We are always working on new ideas and would enjoy working with you to help make your idea a reality!


Q: What if my plant arrives in "not so perfect" condition?

A: It is very normal for plants to go through stress when being shipped across the country - just think about how you feel after a 4+ hour flight!  While some leaf damage and a couple dropped leaves is normal, a completely DOA plant is not.  We definitely want to make it right if you plant is in very rough shape, so please send us photos of the plant and packaging within 24 hours of delivery.

Q: My plant just arrived - should I repot it?

A: No, please don't!  We highly recommend letting your plant acclimate for at least 2 weeks in your home (but more preferably a month) before repotting it.  It will greatly reduce the stress on your plant and will give it the right amount of time to recover.  Hoyas are a bit different and really shouldn't be repotted until they have really outgrown their pot.  If you don't like the look of the nursery pot, just go ahead and slip it in a cachepot or even an old coffee mug for a nicer display!